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My life has become more enriched through training and riding horses. Doing it not only well but also kindly is paramount. I want to help you, to obtain that interest and passion for training and learning by making it easy to understand. Horses are not complicated, people make it that way.


Looking to purchase my book. "A Better Way of Training and Riding Horses"

  • All levels of training (from Walk to Piaffe)
  • Clear understandable methods
  • Easy self training exercises
  • Lectures, clinics ,discussion groups and demonstrations.
  • Assessments (Some times and independent eye is all you need)
  • Show judging and training for shows.

As a scholar of horsemanship I have had the curiosity to want to know why we carry out various exercises on our horses. You can say, "Why do we ride like we do" which then infers, that as we know the past influences our riding. This is obvious as the past effects all of our actions in life, but to discover who and what has influenced riding as we know it today has been a fascinating study, and one that in reality will never end as more information becomes available.


I considered writing this book because of many reasons, so here I list a few. Firstly I have not found a similar work or study. Then through my students I find very few people have a basic grasp of riding development. I think it is nice to know that when you carry out a movement on a horse, you can consider somebody in the past some many hundreds of years ago previously doing the same, and not finally but another, to help others develop their own journey of understanding.


As you can see as of yet there is no title, this is because of many different reasons one of which is how it is searched for on the internet, which today seriously needs to be taken into consideration. I think I have at least 3/4 of the book developed and because I want it as right as possible I keep going through it and adding bits to make it more interesting.

I find it nowadays where there seems to be a whole raft of people who use the term “Classical” to describe their methods of training and techniques, a little bazar, as when questioned many have little knowledge of why the term has become important. It seems to have become a badge to be worn. There are many masters of whom quite a few are friends or people I respect in the horse world who do understand, and I think the liberal use of this term will undermined the point behind it all. I find it amusing when people ask if I teach Classical riding, and I then answer yes, what period of history would you like to learn, or would you just like to ride and understand better, I can teach either.


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