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My life has become more enriched through training and riding horses. Doing it not only well but also kindly is paramount. I want to help you, to obtain that interest and passion for training and learning by making it easy to understand. Horses are not complicated, people make it that way.


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  • All levels of training (from Walk to Piaffe)
  • Clear understandable methods
  • Easy self training exercises
  • Lectures, clinics ,discussion groups and demonstrations.
  • Assessments (Some times and independent eye is all you need)
  • Show judging and training for shows.



Demonstrations come in many guises but the main one I consider important is that the instructor has a way of explaining physically to a student what they are after, or to be able to give the rider a mental picture of what it should look like. One of the most difficult things to understand when learning is perceiving what your own body is doing; it is a very helpful tool to have a mental picture of what it should look like, trying then to emulate that picture, can be the first way to getting the feeling need to execute a movement. With this in mind I consider it important that people see me ride and train. For a rider also to be able to ask questions at this time is extremely important. Now being totally honest there are times when sitting on the clients horse to demonstrate can be of great use and yet may take a lot of time out of the lesson whilst the horse undergoes the schooling necessary, so in many ways having the student see me riding my horse can be far more beneficial as explanations can be gone into in depth. If a student then sits on my horse they have the chance to put a feeling against the picture that they can take back with them to their horse.


My lot of my professional demonstration and exhibitions, as you will see from some of the pictures on the site is of traditional Spanish riding. The lance type object you see me using is called a Garrocha which is the tool still used today in Spain by Vaquero riders to work the bulls and cattle. Performing an artistic display around the Garrocha with the horse is an art form and many have admired my skill. This can only be carried out in front of the public correctly on highly schooled horses, sadly they don't live for ever and my old display horses are now not with us. I would like to consider that one day in the not too distant future, Bernie the OTTB will be out in front of the public entertaining in some capacity and with practice hopefully with the Garrocha.