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My life has become more enriched through training and riding horses. Doing it not only well but also kindly is paramount. I want to help you, to obtain that interest and passion for training and learning by making it easy to understand. Horses are not complicated, people make it that way.


Looking to purchase my book. "A Better Way of Training and Riding Horses"

  • All levels of training (from Walk to Piaffe)
  • Clear understandable methods
  • Easy self training exercises
  • Lectures, clinics ,discussion groups and demonstrations.
  • Assessments (Some times and independent eye is all you need)
  • Show judging and training for shows.

As a county level judge I have  had to come through the ranks, and yes presented my horses in front of the best, later even giving riding demonstrations at HOYS. When I competed I watched judges, got to know their idiosyncrasies and spent a lot of time considering what makes a class enjoyable to compete in, over classes that lacked passion. I discovered that the best judges commanded the ring and made it their own, not trying to make it generic and dull.

Looking for a show judge or want to train ready for a show

Our children love riding and being around horses, shows have a magic that encourages them, it gives them aspirations and their time in the ring is important for then. 


All shows need judges for their classes and the more versatile the judge is the more classes they can cover. This makes common sense but when choosing judges as a show secretary do you consider how much the judges reflect your show. Judges need to encourage competitors and give each individual the time and recognition they paid for in there entrance fee. People coming to your show want to win, but if they don’t they need to go home having at least had a good time so when asking people to judge you need to consider that this is your advert.


As a competitor at a show it is important that you present your horse to the best of its ability, so consideration must be put towards training before going. It is surprising the number of people who turn up at their local show, and enter the ring without putting any thought into what they are doing in there and what could be expected of them. It makes no difference what the class is, be it in hand or ridden training is essential. I can help with all levels of showing and a little training can make for a great day.


I consider every entrant to a judge should be as important upon entering a class till they leave it. It is the unenviable job to have to categorise into an order of who will come first over last, yet without that last person, first would hold no relevance: because of this I make a point of having a quick chat with all so they leave the ring understanding why they have been placed as such. This also means that the person who has come last gets as much enthusiasm placed on them as the first. Encouraging all even when it goes wrong for the competitor, should be the reason you’re in the ring.