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My life has become more enriched through training and riding horses. Doing it not only well but also kindly is paramount. I want to help you, to obtain that interest and passion for training and learning by making it easy to understand. Horses are not complicated, people make it that way.


Looking to purchase my book. "A Better Way of Training and Riding Horses"

  • All levels of training (from Walk to Piaffe)
  • Clear understandable methods
  • Easy self training exercises
  • Lectures, clinics ,discussion groups and demonstrations.
  • Assessments (Some times and independent eye is all you need)
  • Show judging and training for shows.

People who know me will not be surprised to consider that I openly share what I think about. Committing thoughts to words, I consider helps me clarify whats on my mind. Because of this I originally had a blog attached to this site, which the nice people who host this have pulled and have now switched to WordPress. I am sure it is an improvement but it takes time to get your head around all these things. I do all the work on this site and I probably at times do things that web designers would cringe at, but it is all about delivering the information not the bells and whistles.

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