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Horse and rider trainer

My life has become more enriched through training and riding horses. Doing it not only well but also kindly is paramount. I want to help you, to obtain that interest and passion for training and learning by making it easy to understand. Horses are not complicated, people make it that way.


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  • All levels of training (from Walk to Piaffe)
  • Clear understandable methods
  • Easy self training exercises
  • Lectures, clinics ,discussion groups and demonstrations.
  • Assessments (Some times and independent eye is all you need)
  • Show judging and training for shows.

Horse and Rider Training

Training horses is such a vast subject, so it is important to narrow down what are good and correct practices, that when used, our horses will be able to understand us. I know this sounds logical but it is very rarely put into practice. If we consider our time spent with our horses as being important, then we must use all of that time in a constructive manner. In this way we discover how the small things can later play a greater influence in helping the horse to understand what we asked of them. Getting the basics right not only makes sense, but also makes everything easier. Starting a green horse of any age, or retraining is not a difficult process if you and the horse understand each other.


“I concentrate mainly on exercising his mind and his memory, in such a way that I achieve what I want: so that it is the horse’s mind which I work the most: the mind of the rider must work perpetually as well, in order to detect all kinds of opportunities to arrive at my goal, without letting any movement pass unnoticed, nor any opportunity unused.”

Antoine de Pluvinel (1552 - 1620)

For whatever reason your training a horse it must I consider be fun, if it is not enjoyable what would be the point. The other main thing we need to be able to tell is if the horse understands all that we ask, so it is paramount to keep it simple and constant. All horses enjoy learning and we need to understand this, because they can easily learn how not to do things, as to be able to do them correctly. A reward at the wrong time can be as bad as not rewarding when necessary.


Simple things are not always considered when handling horses and present problems because in the horses mind there are different signals going on. If for instance we take the simple process of leading a horse, and we now have a horse that understands that process. We now take that horse into the school to start its training by lunging. Does the horse know what is about to happen? Well the answer is no! As far as the horse is concerned we are going to lead it somewhere with a longer lead rope and a whip. The clever trainer takes the first aspect and transposes it onto the second, where the horse has more chance of understanding.