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People come out with sayings, or description that just sums it up.

Horses held with/without contact

Nuno Oliveira wrote in Reflections on equestrian art, the following small chapter “Horses held with/without contact.” He says.

I regret very much that so many riders are not acquainted with the book Extérieur et Haute Ecole, written by Captain Beudant.

Therein it may be read that it is only by allowing horses to move on a free rein, and not in holding them in, that success may be obtained. Riders who hold in their horses are insignificant riders and will never advance.
Riders who give their horses freedom are those who will taste the delicacies of equestrian art.

One of the best quotes to understanding.

“I concentrate mainly on exercising his mind and his memory, in such a way that I achieve what I want: so that it is the horse’s mind which I work the most: the mind of the rider must work perpetually as well, in order to detect all kinds of opportunities to arrive at my goal, without letting any movement pass unnoticed, nor any opportunity unused.”
Antoine de Pluvinel (1552 – 1620)